Wednesday, June 14, 2017

So what do you do when mom get’s sick?

So what do you do when mom get’s sick?

I don’t get sick very often and usually I don’t ever get sick enough to be non-functional.  But this year I did get that sick, really sick and not able to get out of bed. I don’t have my mom or sisters and brothers that live locally. So - what does a working mom of two little girls do?  I am here to share my tips and tricks for how to prevent a meltdown so dad doesn’ t have to take gobs of time off when you crash.

1. Find a babysitter that has a flexible schedule. College students are usually a good choice, because they have classes at different times of the day so they have more time off which can give you relief.  Find them ahead of time and try them out for date nights so you already know them and trust them. Sometimes knowing 2 baby sitters is even better.  

2. Pre-sign up for Doordash  - have a few restaurant take out menu’s at home so that friends can help out and go pick up food for you.  Pre-highlight them with your favorite items to order so they don’t have to guess.

3. Amazon Prime Membership or Google Fresh. They can drop food and pantry items to your door so a working husband has food to cook for dinner and toilet paper without having to take time to go grocery shopping. These two sites can usually have a 30 day trial if you are not currently a member.

4. Make Friends. Friendship is good for the soul and they can also help you watch kids or make a food run and everyone needs a pick me up WITH the benefit of seeing a good friend.  This must be done before your illness since you can’t order a friend on Amazon.

5. Stock your medicine cabinet. I fill our medicine cabinet with homeopathic remedies as well as some, essential oils and herbal remedies.  One of my favorite homeopathic remedies for cold and flu is Belladona 30c.  

6. Get Rest. This requires no planning but when that babysitter does get there, don’t sit down to work at your computer or binge watch your show, go to bed and sleep.  Your body needs time to heal to function and fight off the infection so let it rest.  

7. See your Herbal Medicine Practitioner. Go see your acupuncturist or family practice chiropractor.  An adjustment can boost the immune system and acupuncture can help clear a stuffy head.  Not to mention the wonderful herbal biotics and anti-virals they have available to speed your healing.

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Dad and the Doula

I often refer people to Doula’s especially when dad is scared or worried about going through labor.  But more importantly, I refer everyone to who is going to give birth to a doula.  They are women who support and walk you through the process, offer comfort and advice, hold your hand through the process and so much more.  The common objection to doula’s are they cost too much or dad’s feel the doula will replace them during the birth process.  When I am asked of the benefits of a doula, I say they are the coach with dad or partner being the quarterback in the game.  The great doula’s actually facilitate a closer bound between partners during the birthing process.  Here is one dad’s view about their doula experience, and he has graciously decide to share the man’s view on doula’s!

First Time Dad Says….

As a first-time dad, I would have been lost in the delivery room without our doula. My wife was clearly experiencing something very intense and at times scary, and despite birthing classes, I didn't know what to do. Her back was in pain: should I ice it, heat it, massage it, or stay the hell away? Luckily, our doula was there to do all of them at the right times and in the right doses. The 20 minutes of labor in which our doula ran out to her car to get something were definitely the scariest minutes in labor, because I didn't know what to do and I felt like my wife was looking to me to make it better. I imagined our birth experience without a doula when my wife would be looking at me the whole time and I wouldn't have had any lead to follow -- I'm so glad that wasn't our case!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Do I adjust my own children???

I am a chiropractor and many of my patients ask the question do I adjust my own children, do they like it and why do I adjust them?

Both my children were adjusted in the first hour after birth and yes it was by me even though with my first daughter Zara I had promised that I wouldn’t.  But I couldn’t help it.  She was laying on my chest and I just started naturally feeling her tender new spine and making corrections to misalignments that had probably occurred during birth itself.  With Allegra my second child,  I waited until I was nursing her and she actually had trouble nursing on the right breast because her neck was tight and mis-aligned.  After adjusting her neck, she was able to nurse with no problem.

Children can be adjusted as soon as they are born and we have done this very thing for new babies in our practice.

Both my girls like receiving treatment, Zara will actually walk into the office, lay down on the table and inform me that it is her turn to get adjusted.  She also provides me with treatments sometimes.  Some of my older patients around 4-7 years of age will frequently ask after already getting adjusted to “do it again”.

Most children love to be adjusted.  There are some spectrum disorders and sensory processing kids that do take longer to warm up to receiving a chiropractic treatment.

My standard recommendation in our office is get your kids adjusted 2 times a year- if nothing out of the ordinary occurs.  Examples of why you should bring your child are did they take a tumble wrestling with their sibling? are they learning to walk so they are falling a lot?, etc.  There are lots of great health benefits on the nervous system to getting adjusted but for kid’s with healthy spines 2 times a year can be enough to make sure they grow as healthfully as possible.

I adjust my kids after major tumbles and growth spurts or if the baby is not pooping regularly or every couple of months or so.  I am always checking them because I can’t help it and their tiny spines are beautiful and amazing.

Here is an article on the chiropractic technique appropriateness of Pediatrics:
(how a trained chiropractor will adjust their force and their technique based on the patient size and age to be safe and effective).

Monday, February 6, 2017

Baby Finger Foods

I have a baby who prefers to feed herself and this means finger food time.   The typical age to start finger foods is 8 to 9 months old.  The best place to have finger foods is in the high chair, which prevents choking, rather than a car seat.  Resist the urge to offer your baby high sweet items such as cookies, try and stick to fruits and veggies.

Here are some suggestions for baby finger food and what to make:

Steamed broccoli – cut into small pieces
Steamed or baked yam – peel and cut into cubes
Cooked Peas
Grapes – Always cut in half
Steamed Cauliflower
Small bites of chicken or turkey
Rice crackers
Rice cereal
Fruit cut into small pieces only if the fruit is soft like kiwi or mango
Baked apples cut up
Cooked carrots cut up

Allegra loves eating with her hands and favors broccoli, blueberries and rice!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Postpartum Tummy Skin, Helping get it back.


( Notice the skin about the belly button getting smoother)

After you have had a baby,  not only do you have to work out and get your abs tight again, but the skin on the stomach itself has broken down the collagen during the pregnancy. As we age,  the collagen continues to break down leaving the skin looking altered and may not go back to its former glory.
I will tell you that my own skin, while I was blessed with no stretch marks due to my heritage, I do now have altered collagen around my belly button. I have been testing a product called Regenemax, which is largely made of choline which is a macronutrient that aids in connective tissue regeneration which also includes our stomachs, facial wrinkles and breasts.  So what I am really saying is that this is my vanity supplement and this is what I am taking and trying to get my body back.

I am going to do it and show you a picture, because I started this as an experiment on my abs specifically and I am still testing it. So far, it appears to be working on my abs, but not on the eye bags yet unfortunately.  So here is my abdominal photo and the product I am testing which is pharmaceutical grade Regenemax  (choline).

Friday, September 2, 2016

I don't like Breast-Feeding, a story about some womens journeys.

In my practice, I run into women of all kinds who either love or hate breast-feeding. Most new mom’s start breast-feeding and experience some mild breast tenderness and a little bit of anxiety but are overall successful. Many enjoy breast-feeding and all the things that it entails like bonding and spending time with a new baby.

I have started coming across a group of women that I think need a voice that we often don’t acknowledge or recognize.  It’s women who want to breast-feed but don’t enjoy it because it ‘s painful, or the sensation of nursing doesn’t agree with them in some way.  While still other’s wanted to nurse their babies but have rigid work schedules that do not allow for the baby to nurse longer when they needed to.

Prior to having my baby, I was a very rigid no nipple-shield person and tried not to pump. This had been my philosophy.  But since seeing more moms and all the lifestyles that they live in, I have since realized that not everyone likes breast-feeding, they don’t love it but don’t hate it.I found myself to be one that just liked breast-feeding but didn’t love it.

With my first child, I thought that I had somehow missed something and the hormones that a mom normally got which made you love breast feeding had missed me. Also because I worked and was away from my baby for several hours at a time, and sometimes I had to rush my babies along, I would pump instead. I was grateful to be able to nurse but never found in myself the love of nursing.

Please forgive me all my wonderful lactation consultants but my thoughts on breast-feeding have changed to do whatever keeps you breast-feeding. Whether it’s pumping or even using a nipple-shield, I would encourage the mom to continue breastfeeding so the baby gets the nutrients (remember this-without nursing directly you don’t get the babies saliva to change the antibodies in mom though). If it means pumping the entire 1st year of life than switching to formula - do it - it is worth it.

So I give a huge shout of admiration to all the mom’s and women who nurse or use a pump even if it doesn’t give them the satisfaction that so many of their counterparts got. We know every woman has a different experience with breast feeding.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Postpartum Pregnancy Massage

Postpartum is hard on the body and mind.  Often, you are exhausted and you are building your baby holding muscles up by lifting your new heavy bundle of joy.  The physical act of holding your new born especially if you are breast feeding  can cause any mom to start having shoulder and neck pain that will often result in a headache.

At In Health Clinic, we offer a postpartum check up for mothers. A common complaint we hear every time is how stiff their shoulders and neck are.  The bad news is that baby only gets heavier, but the good news is you are helping your child grow bigger.
What can mom do to help keep herself healthy so she can continue to care for her little one and entire family?  I find myself struggling with these very same problems as I have had 2 beautiful girls in the last couple of years and my recommendation to new mom’s and dads has always been get a postpartum massage or muscle work.  This may sound decadent,  but if you are like me you start getting significant amounts of headaches and neck pain that won’t go away which makes caring for a new baby even harder.  This is definitely a time in your life that postpartum massage work is tied very closely to your health in general.  I have also found that new mom’s rarely give themselves permission to go get a massage because they guilty. I now suggest that dad’s or partners should be the one to schedule it for them.  The new mom will be very grateful that they taking care of them.

With my pregnancies, I was sent by my husband to get a massage and both cases I was so glad because I was starting to get headaches from nursing and staring at my beautiful baby. Going a few times postpartum helps relax the body, alleviate the soreness, and get the blood flowing to the muscles.  The baby continues to grow and moms body needs help accommodating to it’s new job as mom (compare it to starting a new work out routine).
 So I can say with 100% certainty that this has saved me and below you will see the people I have gone to and recommend.

Adeline Carlson  - a certified pre-natal and post-natal massage therapist  with Light and Joy Acupuncture 408-357-0295

Bridget Eding – Just B Massage 408-836-9259