Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pumping and Working

 So when mom’s have extenuation occasions where they get mastitis or  c-sections and sometimes nursing immediately isn’t an option the modern invention of the breast pump can still allow them the ability to have there baby receive all the benefits of  breast feeding. 

So for me when I got mastitis I had to pump and feed because I got so sick I had trouble sitting up for long enough periods of time. 

This was a womens advice that stuck and I believe that it can also help when production drops or is low such as in my case that mastitis caused my production to drop.

This is the advice that help get my breast milk production back and what has helped me keep feeding my daughter.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Bum Problem

So what happens when you Get a Hemorhoid.  Hemorroids are a bum problem that no one wants to talk about but commonly occur in a significant amount of pregnant women and new mom’s.  They typically occur in the third trimester of pregnancy due to the larger amount of force that is placed on the cervics and the rectum causing the inflammation of a vein which swells and becomes painful and itchy.  These hemoroids can be external occurring around the anus or internal just inside the anus.  The common symptoms are:

·      Blood on your toilet paper after you wipe
·      Excessive itching
·      Pain when sitting on hard surfaces
·      Mild discomfort when having a bowel movement
·      The need to pass a bowel movement after you have just had a movement

So I didn’t get a hemorrhoid during my third trimester like I thought I might due to a big baby.  But I started to get a small internal one after sitting on the floor during the middle of the night using the breast pump.  This can occur in women due to the weakend muscles of the pelvic floor post partum.  Since I have sat on a pillow while pumping to allow it to heal. 

Treatment in our office is s healing suppository which can take away the itching and pain in a matter of a few days which allows you to be more comfortable and get back to normal life.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Fisher-Price FastFinder Dome Diaper Backpack 

Why I love it? 

It’s very sleek, easy to use and it also looks a bit masculine so my husband looks good in it.  But the best part is the easy access diaper wipes and the zipper that opens the entire large compartment for easy packing.  Not to mention lots of labeled organizer pockets that keep everything neat and handy.  I love it!!

Where to find it? Target

WubbaNub Brown Monkey

Why I love it?
When my mother-in-law purchased this for us I thought that we had another small toy gimmick on our hands.  But if you use a pacifier to soothe your little one this cute little monkey keeps the pacifier sitting perfectly in your baby’s mouth.  The monkey is also a pretty cute toy as well. Not into monkeys? It’s also available as an elephant, giraffe, bear and puppy.

Where to find it?  BuyBuyBaby

Medulla Breast Pump – Pump in Style

Why I love it?
When I got mastitis three times during my first month post partum due to high milk production I was able to continue breast-feeding and even regain my milk production by nursing and using this pump.  Now I use it at work and schedule pump breaks so I can still work and be a good mom!

Where to find it?  BuyBuyBaby, Amazon, Target

Crystal Nail File

Why I love it?
This is much safer and less harsh on baby’s flexible sensitive hands and is the best for those little toes.

Where to find it?  Sephora

Burt’s Bees Shampoo & Wash

Why I love it? 
It has very light suds and also seems to be very gentle on the sensitive skin my daughter inherited from me. I love this shampoo!

Where to find it? Target

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Glass Bottles

Why I love it? 
It reduces spit up by using an airflow vent. The glass is safer and better than most plastics which can release harmful chemicals.

Where to find it?  Target

Aden and Anais Muslin Swaddle Wrap

Why I love it?
These are light wraps that are nice to swaddle baby, use to cover-up for breastfeeding or to shade your little one from the sun. 

Where to find it?  BuyBuyBaby, Target