Thursday, August 23, 2018

Homeopathic for School

 School is starting next week and we, as parents are tense and nervous for our kids.  Maybe they have that dreaded teacher, not in a class with any friends or this could be their first year.  If it is your child’s first year or you are sending your last child to school,  either way both mom and child will probably have some really big emotions.  I know as I send my first child to Kindergarten that I feel like it is the first of large steps to come.  Yes, I know it is only kindergarten, but it is the first change for our child going into the world and she has been saying to me, “I am a little scared.”  What I don’t tell her is that I am a little nervous too.  Here are some Homeopathic remedies for Back to school for both Parents and Kids.

For Kids:
Passiflora: For Restlessness and nervousness at school

Pulsatilla:  Sunny disposition but when separated from mom and dad they get tummy aches, cry and whine.  For children with Separation anxiety with leaving mom and dad, works even stronger for first time separation.

Lycopodium: Dyslexia switching letters can’t read the work they have written.  Confusion when speaking, can’t follow a conversation

Baryta Carb:  Shy kid and will hide from strangers.  Will help with emotional or physical delays not just shyness.

Argentum Nitricum:  What if Remedy, i.e. exam and performance anxiety.

Lachesis – Too much energy looking for an outlet, something blocked or suppressed; children with the wiggles.

Baryta Carb:  For clingy child that hide behind mom or dad.

For Parents:
Passiflora:  Treatment for the nervousness that comes from sending your kid to school the first time.

Pulsatilla:  Helpful for Parents who have trouble letting go of their little one or are sad about them going into the big world.

Ignatia:  Help for for the homesick child or the Parent that now has empty house and feels sad.

So our first day both Mommy, Zara and Allegra all need Doses of Pulsatilla.  I am happy to report they worked very well and the First day of school was a great success as well as not to many tears from Mommy!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Summer Swim time

My last blog about swimming a few years ago was for the “Mommy and Me swim classes” when my oldest daughter Zara was about 7 months old, While I totally recommend these classes especially for first children (they are a useful tool which teaches the parent how to interact with a child in the pool), this Blog is about getting your 5 year old to actually start swimming.

We have tried several different swim facilities and while I can tell you great things about all of them, what the major differences are and such - I am going to share the differences that have turned my water timid 5 year old into a water lover who can’t wait for her classes or just go swimming in general.  Even better than her excitement is how it has influenced her little sister who because of this is way too advanced for her baby class but maybe not emotionally ready to be in the pool without me.

**Experienced teachers – this doesn't always equate to age yet in our experience the better teachers have always been in their late 30’s and not young high school kids or early college.  The calm and wisdom they bring to the pool is invaluable and the child progresses much faster with these teachers and more importantly your kids feel safe because the teacher are calm.

**Smaller class sizes – some of the big facilities will cram 8-10 kids in a class and unless they are at swim team level this doesn’t help them learn to swim.  Kid’s need a calm environment because for most people the water is scary at first and a bunch of kids acting crazy while you are trying to learn just doesn’t work very well.

**Flexible hours – I say this because I don’t know when your child is at their best, but for my kids they are best in the morning.  Trying to learn something new in the afternoon is usually not their best time; so choose well for your child’s behavior and energy level.
Fun Classes – I used to be of the mind that props for learning to swim was a bad thing, however when used appropriately, kids find them fun. They can help build confidence and can speed up their swimming progress.  Songs or music also doesn’t hurt when learning something new.

We are currently doing  Level 2 “Mommy and Me classes” for Allegra and Zara.  Here are some current pictures of them.  They also got to pick out goggles which they love to wear.